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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Meef Chaloin & Asher Dust - Revolution Solution

This is an free album that in collaboration with Asher Dust. We did this a couple of years ago but it is still up for free download and now I am writing blogs I thought that I would post it on here.

You can get it for free here - Meef Chaloin & Asher Dust - Revolution Solution - Free Album Download

I would love to hear your comments or opinions about it.

Here's a track from it, this is the first song:

We should have a new album out in the next couple of months so I will post that here as well when it's ready, it will also be a free download.


Awesome. I'm all about free music. My blog has lots of my stuff for free.

Might not be my style, but I know a bunch of people who would love it!

Sounds good, I download the whole album and I'll try to give you a feedback soon

Awesome sound, I'll definatly download the album =)

nice track, never heard of them before !

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